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Bill Ayers at University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Canceled

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 17, 2008 07:53 PM

“Safety concerns.”

Bill Ayers at University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Revolt brewing

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 17, 2008 01:12 PM

“Poor judgment.”

Ayers to keynote University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s 100th anniversary celebration

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 16, 2008 02:03 PM

You won’t believe the title of Bill Ayers’ keynote lecture, scheduled next month, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln: “We are each other’s keepers.” UNL prof Gerard Harbison is disgusted: I’d just like to be the first to express my utter disgust at the actions of my employer, UNL, in inviting this sorry excuse of a […]

What’s on Bill Ayers’ door

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 15, 2008 11:13 AM

Un-rehabilitated. Plus: Academia loves The Unrepentant Terrorist.

Reports: Supporter begs McCain to fight; McCain bungles the ball; Update: Some positive reviews added; plus vid link

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 9, 2008 02:12 PM

Update…here’s the vid via Allah… I am away from my office, so haven’t seen the video of this yet. But several readers are reporting on a frustrating exchange John McCain had with a passionate supporter in Waukesha, Wisconsin. McCain gets a softball — and bungles again. Banging. Head. Against. Wall. Commenter nyc123me: CNNlive online covering […]

Biden wheedles about “malarkey”

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 8, 2008 01:45 PM

Stop smirking, smirky. Joe Biden called Sarah Palin’s much-needed attacks on Barack Obama’s ties to Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers “malarkey.” Yeah, “malarkey.” Tell it to John Murtagh, Greasy Joe: Today, John M. Murtagh made the following statement on Barack Obama’s relationship with William Ayers: “When I was 9 years-old the Weather Underground, the terrorist […]

Liberal math: Unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist equals…

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 7, 2008 12:14 PM

“…a rehabilitated former domestic radical from the ’60s.” Who’s shoveling that crap? You guessed it. *** Rehabilitation? Flag desecration of the day: Bill Ayers stomps on Old Glory Flashback: The Barack and Michelle and Bill and Bernardine: The Obama/Weather Underground compendium. Related must-read: The Bomber as School Reformer Like this:Like Loading…

Palin-bashing Associated Press cries “RAAAACISM!”

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 5, 2008 12:45 PM

Earth to McCain. Earth to McCain.

Fighting Obama’s Goon Squad

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 26, 2008 04:54 PM

“Stalinist, police state tactics.”

Obama and Ayers: Radical collaborators

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 23, 2008 11:39 AM

“The Collaborative.”

Exclusive: DOJ will not conduct witch hunts for Obama

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 16, 2008 12:15 PM

We will not be silenced.

Obama’s speech-squelching thugs strike again

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 16, 2008 10:30 AM

Stifling of dissent.

Obama: Attacks on me are unpatriotic!

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 10, 2008 11:21 PM

“I love this country too much…”

The Obamas and their “Public Allies”

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 5, 2008 03:40 PM


Barack “The Silencer” Obama’s Gangland Assault on Free Speech

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 29, 2008 08:57 AM

Shut up.

“Surreal, amusing, and chilling”

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 28, 2008 11:53 AM

Caution: Chicago Obamaland gangsters at work.

Next, the Obama thugs came for Stanley Kurtz

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 28, 2008 10:28 AM

Chill wind blowing.

Document drop: Turning the tables again on Obama’s speech-squelching thugs

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 27, 2008 12:55 PM

“…the latest in a series of brazen public statements and efforts by liberal Democratic operatives and agents of the Obama Campaign to silence their critics and organizations with whom they disagree…”

Obama’s Ayers problem deepens

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 27, 2008 09:34 AM

The truth set free.

Gloves off: Now, Obama calls for prosecuting GOP donor; Update: AIP responds

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 26, 2008 04:41 PM

Gag orders.

The latest on the Annenberg Obama/Ayers paper caper

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 26, 2008 04:08 PM

The public’s right to know.

Fighting back against Obama’s thugs

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 26, 2008 11:49 AM

No, they can’t.

Obama threatens TV stations airing Ayers ad

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 25, 2008 11:57 PM

Bullying You Can Believe In.

Obama/Ayers gets an airing

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 21, 2008 05:48 PM

No library gatekeepers can keep the lid on the truth forever. It’s out there: A conservative nonprofit group with a past link to Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign is spending $2.8 million on an ad questioning Democrat Barack Obama’s relationship to a founder of the 1960s radical group Weather Underground. The ad, which is expected […]

Update on the Obama/Ayers paper caper

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 20, 2008 02:48 PM

The public’s right to know.

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