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Saturday open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 8, 2010 09:47 AM

Busy with family. If you happen to be in Colorado Springs today, I’ll be signing books and speaking at the Peak Freedom Festival later today at the Cheyenne Mountain Conference Resort. Details here. Have a great weekend and be sure to hug a mom! Like this:Like Loading…

Where in the world

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 27, 2010 03:24 PM

Hi folks – Sorry for the non-blogging today. I’m traveling and swamped with a gazillion home, family, and work things. Our wonderful guest-bloggers may be popping in sometime — and I’ll have a new column up at midnight tonight. Like the country saying goes: Live well. Laugh often. Love much. Like this:Like Loading…

Saturday open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 17, 2010 09:20 AM

Busy! Talk amongst yourselves. Like this:Like Loading…

Prayers for Poland

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 10, 2010 09:59 AM

Woke up to an unimaginable horror for the people of Poland: Their president, first lady, and dozens of top government and military leaders have been killed in a plane crash in Russia. They were headed to a ceremony marking the slaughter of more than 20,000 Polish officers by the Soviet secret police in the Katyn […]

Christ the Lord is risen today

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 4, 2010 10:45 AM

The Resurrection, El Greco Happy Easter to all of my readers of the Christian faith — and Happy Passover to all of my readers of the Jewish faith. Here is President Obama’s “holiday greeting.” Many military families have extra reason to celebrate this weekend: In Tennessee, troops from the 702nd Engineer Company returned in time […]

Saturday open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 3, 2010 09:50 AM

Busy with family. Talk amongst yourselves. Like this:Like Loading…

Prove a Health Care Protester Used the N-Word, Win $10,000

By Doug Powers  •  March 25, 2010 11:11 PM

If you listened to Democrats such as John Lewis and James Clyburn, along with many “uninquisitive-even-for-them” members of the mainstream media, the protests at the US Capitol over the weekend were fraught with Obamacare protesters slinging racial slurs. The allegations were terrible, and those putting them forth them seemed horrified. Something Lewis and Clyburn had […]

An Obamacare Endorsement

By mmguestblogger  •  March 25, 2010 03:59 PM

Fidel Castro endorses Obamacare. Says it’s about time the US mimics Cuba’s outstanding universal health care. Warning: Graphic and disturbing images at links posted above. Like this:Like Loading…

Crimes of opinion

By mmguestblogger  •  March 25, 2010 03:17 PM

On February 23, 2010 Cuban prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo died while in jail after an eighty-three day hunger strike. The Castro regime had denied him water for 18 days which led to renal failure that ultimately led to his death. His elderly mother was not allowed to visit him during the final weeks […]

Prevent or lament

By mmguestblogger  •  March 24, 2010 11:30 AM

Some months back I went over to my parent’s house for lunch as I needed a fix of my mom’s cooking. When I arrived, Mom was adding the finishing touches to her famous arroz con pollo and Dad was watching the local newscast on TV. So I sat down next to the old man and […]

Let me be buried on this spot!

By mmguestblogger  •  March 23, 2010 04:15 PM

Today in American History, March 23, 1775: The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in […]

Where in the world

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 23, 2010 10:30 AM

I’ve been traveling and am taking a surprise spring vacation trip with my family to a secret, undisclosed location. They’ve been wonderfully patient with me as I blogged the Demcare debacle furiously all weekend long. C-SPAN is not their idea of fun, bless their hearts! I’ll check in with a new lead story every day, […]

Sunday night open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 8, 2010 12:36 AM

Spent the weekend totally unplugged with family and friends. How about you? Feel free to talk Oscars, Adam Gadahn, and gearing up for the week ahead in comments/e-mail. Bonus video via Gateway Pundit: Steven Colbert: Michelle Malkin Is Made From 100% Snakeskin. Like this:Like Loading…

Sunday night open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 28, 2010 10:32 PM

Gearing up for a new week after being blissfully unplugged with family this weekend. I’ve got jury duty in the morning. What’s on your minds? *** How to help the Chilean earthquake victims: Links. More links here. Like this:Like Loading…

Sunday open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 21, 2010 06:30 AM

Home in Colorado after a week-long business trip on the East Coast. Counting blessings and enjoying this Sunday with family and friends. Talk amongst yourselves! Like this:Like Loading…

Thursday afternoon open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 18, 2010 02:45 PM

Busy day in D.C. Sorry for the light blogging. Feel free to weigh in on CPAC, the Austin suicide pilot, and any other topics on your minds. I’ll be back! Like this:Like Loading…

Where in the world

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 16, 2010 12:19 PM

I’m headed to the East Coast for a speech tonight at NYU. Leaving sunny Denver in a few minutes. Deets on the event here. Be back on the blog after I land. Like this:Like Loading…

Valentine’s Day weekend open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 14, 2010 09:28 AM

Spending time with family. Hope you have a day filled with love and happiness! Talk amongst yourselves. Like this:Like Loading…

Sunday open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 7, 2010 09:53 AM

Busy with family. Took the kids skiing this weekend. Weigh in on Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement, Super Bowl, the Beltway snow freakout, and anything else on your minds. I’ll share my thoughts later. Like this:Like Loading…

Sunday open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 31, 2010 10:29 AM

Busy with family and friends. Talk amongst yourselves. *** Via 30 pcs of silver and Feebie, longtime commenter A.J. Montana passed away last week of an apparent heart attack. His loyal readership and participation were much appreciated. Condolences to his family and R.I.P. Like this:Like Loading…

What you can’t watch on the new White House iPhone app

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 20, 2010 11:01 AM

Whoop-de-doo! The White House is touting its new iPhone app. It’s a revolution in open government! Watch the president yakking LIVE, right on your phone. He’s mobile! He’s streaming! Carry him around in your purse or pocket! iObama can now be with you 24/7: Today, we’re excited to announce the new White House App available […]

Miep Gies, R.I.P.

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 11, 2010 08:37 PM

Last of surviving protectors of Anne Frank.

Saturday open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 9, 2010 10:04 AM

I’m under the weather. Sniffle. Talk amongst yourselves. Like this:Like Loading…

Two federal agents shot in Las Vegas; suspect killed

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 4, 2010 12:40 PM

Breaking in Nevada via the Las Vegas Review Journal: Two federal agents were injured during a shooting this morning at the Lloyd George U.S. Courthouse, 333 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas police confirmed this morning. One suspect was shot and killed, according to FBI Special Agent Joseph Dickey. Officials are clearing the federal courthouse […]

Happy New Year open thread

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 1, 2010 12:04 PM

I’m spending the day unplugged with family. Thanks to all of you for your readership, tips, e-mails, and support in 2009. And here’s to real hope and change in 2010. Resolutions? Predictions? Leave them in comments or send them in. Like this:Like Loading…

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