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Conundrum for the ages: Josh Earnest and Hillary Clinton tell conflicting stories — which one’s lying?

By Doug Powers  •  June 10, 2016 05:45 PM


Tech pioneer Nancy Pelosi informs America who REALLY invented smartphones

By Doug Powers  •  June 10, 2016 05:30 AM

REAL genius

Elizabeth Warren escalates battle against Wall Street greed and unaccountable public officials by endorsing Hillary

By Doug Powers  •  June 9, 2016 08:47 PM

“Psst, we’re not fooling anybody, pass it on…”

Obama reminds Trump that presidency is ‘serious job’ by going on Jimmy Fallon & doing a couple of fundraisers

By Doug Powers  •  June 9, 2016 07:50 AM

“This is not entertainment. This is not a reality show.”

Of course: Dems in bed with Planned Parenthood accuse Republicans of flirting with PP’s opposition

By Doug Powers  •  June 8, 2016 07:51 PM


Measuring life by the spoonful

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 8, 2016 03:13 AM

Art by Veronica Malkin Measuring life by the spoonful by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2016 “How is your daughter doing?” is one of the most complicated questions I’ve had to answer. As Veronica marks her 16th birthday this month, we are sharing an update in hopes of de-stigmatizing and demystifying life with chronic pain, […]

Hillary celebrates making history as first candidate under FBI investigation married to impeached ex-president to clinch nomination

By Doug Powers  •  June 7, 2016 10:31 PM


When does construction begin on the ‘Gun Sales Legacy’ wing of the Obama Presidential Library?

By Doug Powers  •  June 7, 2016 11:32 AM

Good for business

As a show of unprecedented openness, the State Dept. can release all Hillary-related emails by 2091

By Doug Powers  •  June 7, 2016 09:11 AM

Funny stuff

Reporters covering Hillary’s campaign pivot to the general by asking her if being so awesome is a burden

By Doug Powers  •  June 6, 2016 09:44 PM

Press secretary applications submitted

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