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By Michelle Malkin  •  November 30, 2004 01:18 PM

that Tom Ridge is handing in his resignation.

Some conservatives want Rudy Giuliani to replace Ridge. Before you get on the bandwagon, here’s my column from 2002 highlighting Giuliani’s open-borders court battle to keep New York City safe for illegal aliens and, yes, terrorists.

Update: News conference is set for 2:45pm.

Update II: Ridge says he has “accomplished a great deal.” Rambles about “innovations, improvements, enhancements, and partnerships.” When asked what his greatest disappointment has been, he rambles about the need to secure “bilateral” agreements with other countries. Blah x 3. No word about the upwards of 13 million illegal aliens yet to be deported or the demoralized Border Patrol or the terrorist threat knocking at our southern border or the continued dangers of “catch and release.”

I’m not sad to see Secretary Ridge go. But I’m not very optimistic that his replacement will fare any better.

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