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By thisistwitchy  •  April 30, 2005 03:58 PM

Following up on David Gelernter’s excellent LA Times column on the Dems’ Infantile American Principle

Efforts to require valid photo ID upon voting–the horror, the horror!–continue to be stymied by the “Count Every Bogus Vote” lobbyists on the Left.

Playing the scare-the-poor-and-old-people card, Democrat governor Jim Doyle of election fraud-riddled Wisconsin just vetoed a measure that would have required voters to show government-issued picture identification at the polls. People in nursing homes and other home-bound regular absentee voters would have been exempted; IDs would be free for those who couldn’t afford the $9 cost.

In Indiana, the ACLU is suing to stop a new voter ID signed by GOP Gov. Mitch Daniels. It requires residents to show a state or federal ID before they will be given a ballot. Those who do not have a driver’s license and can’t afford to pay for a state identification card can be issued a state ID for free.

As Gelernter and La Shawn Barber noted, GOP Gov. Sony Perdue of Georgia signed a similar bill last week over the objections of the civil liberties and civil rights establishment. And Californians are collecting signatures to put a voter ID initiative on the ballot; Democratic state lawmakers killed similar legislation eight times since 2000.

Keep these Democrat obstructionists in mind the next time they start braying about the need to protect the integrity of the electoral process.

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