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By Michelle Malkin  •  June 8, 2005 11:38 AM

My new column is here, picking up on Debra Burlingame’s WSJ op-ed yesterday regarding the America-bashing ACLU/human rights cabal’s plans to turn the 9/11 memorial in NYC into the world’s largest Blame America monument. Excerpt:

Do we really want Ground Zero to be the playground of anti-war financiers, moral equivalence peddlers, and Guantanamo Bay alarmists? As Burlingame told me yesterday, “Ground Zero belongs to all the American people. If Ground Zero is lost, whether through negligence or malfeasance, it will be a loss that is felt for generations to come.”

Richard Tofel, IFC president, is minimizing dissenters. In a statement, he told me that “we understand that a few do not” agree with the project’s stated mission of promoting the “cause of freedom.” The question is not whether most Americans support a monument to freedom, but whether they will stand by while saboteurs convert it into The Ultimate Guilt Complex.

The column provides a link to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation’s comments section, where you can leave your opinion about the so-called “International Freedom Center.” I also refer to this IFC fact sheet, which has more details about the planned cultural complex and an extensive list of the tenured radicals and human rights activists behind the project.

Here’s Debra Burlingame’s interview on the Bill Bennett show from yesterday in case you missed it. Buzzmachine’s Jeff Jarvis weighs in with a passionate and important post. Check all the trackbacks from yesterday’s post for widespread outrage from all corners of the country. FReepers are livid. Keep up the pressure. It’s important. We owe Debra an immeasurable debt of gratitude for blowing the whistle. Leave a message for her here.

Meanwhile, Nicole Gelinas has been tracking the Ground Zero rebuilding wars. Her recent piece, Skyline Courage, is must-read and she recommends this rebuilding proposal.

As I noted yesterday, the driving force behind the IFC is Tom Bernstein, a longtime pal and business partner of President Bush. The Republican Party needs to step up to the plate and prevent the desecration of Ground Zero. Hasn’t 9/11 been hijacked enough?

Contact George Pataki and President Bush and let them know: No Guilt Complex at Ground Zero!

Update: LGF has more contact info.

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