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By Michelle Malkin  •  August 16, 2005 10:55 AM

A few weeks ago, I spoke to conservatives at the Young America’s Foundation annual student conference about immigration and national security. I noted that it was no longer true, as I had been observing over the last several years, that the only thing saving Republicans on the issue of border security was the Democrats’ stupidity.

The Dems have gotten a bit smarter while the Nero-like GOP fiddles.

Now, two Democratic governors have pulled off bold political moves that go beyond lip service: declaring border emergencies. First, Bill Richardson in New Mexico. Followed by Janet Napolitano in Arizona. The gestures boost government funding for–and, yes, political credibility on–an issue long festering in the Southwest and spreading to the interior.

Granted, the two Dem governors are no Tom Tancredos and the announcements are largely symbolic. Napolitano supports sanctuary and opposed the successful citizens’ referendum blocking government benefits to illegal aliens and requiring voters to show proof of citizenship. Chris Kelly notes pro-amnesty Richardson’s illegal immigration-enabling positions in the past. Neither has had a strong record on immigration enforcement.

But, hey, who has?

So, what’s the open-borders Bush administration’s response? Nada. They’ve been too busy pandering to the open borders lobby and installing political cronies in the failed immigration court bureaucracy.


Check out The Immigration Blog for the latest news and views on our continuing border chaos.

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Thomas Sowell ponders immigration taboos.


More perspectives on the Dems’ outflanking manuevers:

Lawrence Auster responds to John Fund.

The Washington Times: “Look for more Democrats to outflank President Bush on illegals and border control. If Bill Richardson can do it, so can the rest of the pack. Wouldn’t it be nice if a few Republican presidential hopefuls would saddle up and join the posse down Mexico way?”

– Matt at Overtaken notes that Arkansas Republican Mike Huckabee won’t be among them.

The Beyond Borders Blog has an immigration news round-up.

Update: John Hinderaker at Power Line takes a closer look at the Pew Hispanic Center’s most recent survey.

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