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By Michelle Malkin  •  June 29, 2006 11:39 PM

***scroll for updates…university library cancels its NYT subscription!…and the WSJ explains the circumstances that led the newspaper to publish its SWIFT story…read the whole thing…the NYTimes covers the House resolution condemning the paper…***

I mentioned the other day that I’d been hearing buzz about a protest at the New York Times building.

It’s coming together and there are details posted now at FR.

Protest the New York Times Revealing of U.S. Secrets, Monday, July 10, 5 p.m.

We have a sound permit, and we will be across the street from the New York Times. They are at 229 West 43rd Street.

The groups on board so far are Free Republic, Caucus for America, the Congress for Racial Equality, and Protest Warrior, NYC Chapter. We have reached out to several other groups as well, and are waiting to hear back from them.

Some high-visibility media people are interested in speaking at the protest. More information will be coming on this as we gather groups and speakers.

So hold the date! If you have been as sick about the Times’s unconscionable blabbing of our classified information as the rest of those who care about the nation, now is your chance to do something to make your outrage heard.

Mark the date on your calendar now.

Looking for sign and banner ideas? How about printing up some of the best anti-blabbermouth posters from the Army of Photoshoppers?




T-shirts with the NYTimes stock chart would be fun:


Investor’s Business Daily weighs in with “All the US Secrets Fit to Print:”

We are at war, and if the government doesn’t move decisively to find and stop the leaks, they will only continue.

Times columnist Frank Rich once whined: “Since 9-11, our government has asked no sacrifice of civilians other than longer waits at airline security.”

Well, Messrs.. Rich and Keller, your government asked you to forego your next Pulitzer to protect you, your subscribers and the rest of us. You refused. Walk a few blocks, gentlemen, and see where the World Trade Center used to be. It could have been the Times.

The House resolution condemning the blabbermouths passed earlier tonight 227-183. Allah has the lowdown.

Haven’t heard yet of any plans to protest the LA Times. Patterico has plenty of reasons to organize one.

Update: Check this out…a university library cancels its NYTimes subscription (hat tip – Lucianne.com):

The Dean of Library Services at University of the Incarnate Word canceled the library’s subscription to the New York Times Wednesday to protest recent stories exposing a secret government program that monitors international financial transactions in the hunt for terrorists.

“Since no one elected the New York Times to determine national security policy, the only action I know to register protest for their irresponsible action (treason?) is to withdraw support of their operations by canceling our subscription as many others are doing,” Mendell D. Morgan, Jr. wrote in a June 28 email to library staff. “If enough do, perhaps they will get the point.”

Hear, hear.


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