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By mmguestblogger  •  January 17, 2007 01:29 AM

Rest in peace, BP. There’s a No. 72 car waiting for you in the sky. When I used to cover NASCAR, I was near BP’s home track in Rockingham. Benny exemplified the down-home, approachable, good-humored charm that still draws people to NASCAR.

He was one of the best guys to talk to about the old days of the sport. I still remember him picking on the Young Guns for not doing their own engine repairs and chassis adjustments, and telling stories about finishing a race without roll bars or sheet metal, back when NASCAR didn’t have, you know, rules. God speed and fresh tires to the NASCAR champion from Ellerbe, N.C. He will be missed.

Castro is knocking on death’s door. Again. Probably from the death side, I’d guess.

Remember how Pink was so wise with her sensitive, stirring ballad, “Dear Mr. President,” sung by no less than Cynthia McKinney at her losing party? Well, check out her latest brilliant foray into politics:

US pop singer Pink has backed down from her call to boycott Australian wool over animal cruelty claims, admitting she failed to fully research the issue.

Oops. Read the whole thing. It’s worth it.

The Anchoress quotes a military reader on Iraq— one who supports the war. He doesn’t get the “absolute moral authority” card from the American Left, but read him.

How Iran attacks…in Iraq.

John Elway for Senate?

Jim Webb will give the Democratic response to the State of the Union. Perhaps he’ll be so angered that he’ll be tempted to slug the President. That’d set the tone, I think.

I don’t know much about this story, but Florida Cracker points out two Texas border patrol agents facing serious prison time for shooting a Mexican drug runner in the behind on the U.S. side of the border. They’re hoping for a last-minute reprieve or pardon.

TKS becomes The Hillary Spot! That is, until Obama swoops in on the wings of a dove, delivers the Democratic Party, and Geraghty has to change the name again.

I think my stint here ends very soon, so thanks to you guys and Michelle for having me, and please come visit me at Townhall’s blog anytime. Or, bookmark me. Or, RSS me. Or, whatever it is the kids are doing these days. Y’all take care.

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