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Massacre and mental illnessPlus: AP targets Cho’s sister

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 18, 2007 08:30 PM

If you haven’t already read the December 2005 temporary detention order for VTech maniac Seung-Hui Cho, you should.

A source who works as a Special Justice in Virginia e-mailed me today:

The relevant statutes are at Title 37.2 of the Virginia Code…

…As he was NOT involuntary hospitalized, the following report was not required to be made:

37.2-819. Order of involuntary admission forwarded to CCRE; firearm background check.

The clerk shall certify and forward forthwith to the Central Criminal Records Exchange, on a form provided by the Exchange, a copy of any order for involuntary admission to a facility. The copy of the form and the order shall be kept confidential in a separate file and used only to determine a person’s eligibility to possess, purchase, or transfer a firearm.

Yes, if he had been “committed” he may never have been able to purchase a firearm.

Without more facts, I am not second guessing the decision of the Special Justice. Perhaps the code should be amended to require the report to be filed upon the finding of iminent danger to self or others, not just involuntary hospitalization.

Dr. Helen notes that the decision to release him is all too common:

There is very little liability in this country when it comes to releasing the mentally ill back into the community or not taking dangerousness seriously. I once was doing an evaluation of a man who told me he was going to kill himself years ago. I called the local mental health center and they told me to “drive the guy over in my car.” The level of stupidity and incompetence in the area of mental health is staggering.

Clayton Cramer
observes a swinging pedulum.

Bryan Preston notes ATF Form 4473, Question 11f.


The Associated Press has decided to hound the VTech maniac’s sister. Why? Is there evidence that she knew of his plans or was aware of his murderous tendencies? No. The AP doesn’t report that. Instead, the entire article focuses on her employment in the Bush State Department. And this is relevant how?

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