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So long, farewell, Big Ro

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 26, 2007 07:45 AM

Hot Air invites you to participate in a sing-a-long tribute to Rosie O’Donnell–with apologies to The Sound of Music (click to watch):


So long, Rosie
Lyrics by Bryan Preston
Piano accompaniment by Michelle Malkin

There’s a mad sort of ranting
On the show called The View
With applause from the audience, too
But up in Babwa’s office
An absurd question bird
Is popping out to say “You’re through”
(You’re through, cuckoo, You’re through, cuckoo)

Regretfully they tell us
Firmly, though they won’t tell us
you’ve been pushed out
You’re through
You’re through

So long, ching-chong
KSM bids you goodnight
We hate to lose this pretty, pretty sight

So long, ching-chong
Trump bids a fond adieu
We know one square
is not enough for you you

So long, ching-chong
Tom says Auf Weidersehen
We’d like to say
your “poetry” is lame

So long, ching-chong
The Truther’s end is nigh
You leave Allah heaves
A sigh and says goodbye

We’re glad you’re gone
We cannot tell a lie
Fire can melt steel
and you can Google why

Big Ro has gone
The View won’t be the same

So long, ching-chong
Mahmoud bids you goodbye


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