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Battle over the Blue Angels update

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 11, 2007 09:12 PM


The moonbats continue to bash the Blue Angels in San Francisco. Here’s video of one of the leaders trying to kick the Blue Angels out of the city for Fleet Week. The Examiner’s letters page shows that there are a few sane people left there. A sampling:

I find it interesting and somewhat amusing that Supevisor Chris Daly continues to occupy himself by looking for just one more perceived offense to his sensibilities, now citing the annual Blue Angels air show as “dangerous and unnecessary” (“Daly backs move to ground Angels,” June 7).

However, it’s obvious he uses this event to mask his real motivation of objecting to anything supporting the U.S. military, acknowledging the service of our servicemen and women, or supporting any display of national pride.

It wasn’t enough that the board stood by and indeed encouraged the dismantling of our high school JROTC program, depriving hundreds of young people of a program where they could develop life skills emphasizing teamwork, respect and responsibility. Now that they have teamed up with Code Pink, et. al., to try to cancel the annual air show.

Until San Franciscans wake up to the fact that The City is now firmly controlled by the fringe left, we can expect more of the same. I wonder if they would prefer to invite Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan air force to perform instead.

John Peloquin

The City

Supervisor Chris Daly wants to ban the Blue Angels because he says they are “dangerous and unnecessary.” The crack and smack dealing in Daly’s District 6 is even more dangerous and unnecessary.

After nearly six years of Daly as supervisor, the district is still a drug-infested mess. I suggest Crusading Chris turn his attention to the urine-soaked and trash-strewn sidewalks of his district, rather than looking to the skies to ruin Fleet Week for an entire city.

Paul Kim

Supervisor Chris Daly, along with support from an anti-capitalism, pro-socialist organization such as Code Pink and Global Exchange, wants to end the Fleet Week air show by the Blue Angels.

Of course the initiative is veiled in a concern for public safety and fuel economy, but the real agenda is a classic expression of left-wing disdain for the military and the adolescent belief that somehow John Lennon’s “Imagine” will come true in a world of jihadists, despots and multinational calculation.

It appears that it is OK to express one’s outrage at the military through symbolic gestures protected by our laws and military, yet to demonstrate support for same is not permissible by the elitists of the left.

What is it about murderous dictatorships and failed socialist governments do they not understand?

Matt Mitguard

The City

Like they say, jet noise is the sound of freedom:



Contact info for the SF Board of Supervisors is here.

Maybe if the Blue Angels pilots flew naked, San Francisco would change it’s mind.

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