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Crapweasel of the day

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 22, 2007 09:21 PM

Update: John Gibson calls out Neal Gabler as a “lowlife” and a “coward.” For starters.


It looks like it’s a new trend now: Fox News liberals threatening and wishing ill on Fox News conservatives.

And Fox News liberals getting away with it.

Left-wing hater Neal Gabler tries to do his best Geraldo Rivera imitation by joking about Bill Kristol getting killed in Iraq.

Watch the video. Watch everyone titter. Watch as no one comes to Kristol’s defense. Watch as no one immediately condemns Gabler’s crude, vulgar, hateful, ignorant rhetoric.

Partial transcript:

I love so many critics of the press in Iraq, you know, can criticize the press, can criticize Lara Logan, and Richard Engel, and others who actually have their boots on the ground there. But I would like to see some of them like Bill Kristol go there, without a bodyguard, walk down the street. If he does so, I will make him this promise: I will attend his funeral.

What a damned shame.

Again, I ask: Who’s coarsening the debate?



Here’s Kristol’s essay on his recent trip to Iraq.

Gee, I haven’t been able to find any pieces Neal Gabler has written about his time putting his boots on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan, with or without bodyguards. Looks like he’s been too busy sneering at embedded journalists and cheering Al Jazeera propaganda videos.

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