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The MoveOn presidential candidate seal of approval

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 31, 2008 02:36 PM

The Nation reports that nutroots powerhouse MoveOn.org is contemplating a presidential endorsement. Just what a Democrat presidential candidate who will need to move to the center to win the general election needs: The seal of approval of the despicable, military-smearing , speech-suppressing minions of MoveOn!

Seal of approval…or kiss of death?

MoveOn.org, the powerhouse grassroots organization that showered Democrats with more donations in the midterms than almost any other liberal PAC, is asking its members whether to host a virtual vote on Thursday to endorse Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for President.

Spurred by John Edwards’s withdrawal from the race on Wednesday, MoveOn surveyed a sample of its members to gauge endorsement interest, according to a source with knowledge of the group’s operations. Then MoveOn set a deadline of 11 am Thursday for members to back a virtual endorsement vote. If a majority support the idea, virtual balloting will run overnight, open only to the group’s 3.2 million activists, and an endorsement could be announced by Friday.

Hey, they bought it, they own, they’re taking it back.

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