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Mukasey: "Fatwas do not have an expiration date"

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 21, 2008 07:12 PM

It dawns on Attorney General Michael Mukasey: Jihad has no boundaries, no time limits, no end. Welcome to post-9/11 America:

Attorney General Michael Mukasey has been taken aback by the scope and variety of potential terrorism threats facing the United States, he told reporters Friday at an informal meeting in his office.

“I’m surprised by how surprised I am,” said Mukasey, who as a federal judge presided over terrorism-related trials in New York.

“It’s surprising how varied [the threat] is, how many directions it comes from, how geographically spread out it is,” he said…

…he attorney general said that after meeting with his European law enforcement counterparts last week in Slovenia, he understands their degree of anxiety as well.

“They’re all concerned, and they’re all looking for ways to cooperate with the United States and with one another,” he said.

The attorney general used the occasion to once again urge congressional passage of a measure to update the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. An initial update, termed the Protect America Act, expired last month.

“I never thought I’d see that [expiration] happen,” Mukasey said. “The danger doesn’t fade.”

He also referred to the terrorism updates he receives in early morning national security briefings.

“The people I hear about every morning, their fatwas do not have an expiration date,” Mukasey said.

Put it on a bumper sticker. Or a tattoo.

Pair it with this:

Lan astaslem: Arabic for “I will not submit/surrender”

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