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Marines kick Talibutt in Afghanistan (video); Marine (possibly) blindsided by skater-thug gang in Redondo Beach; Update: Not a Marine

By See-Dubya  •  April 30, 2008 08:20 PM

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When the Marines come to town, good things start to happen:

Helmand province is an interesting choice because that’s the center of the opium industry that’s keeping the Taliban armed. Here’s a very interesting report on the Taliban’s drugs-for-guns procurement system. As much as I hope the Marines will torch some poppies, bust some labs and vaporize some smugglers, though, I think they’re mainly just where they are in order to secure a base for future operations.

I’m very glad our NATO allies are there, and I don’t take any pleasure in saying this, but the Marines are having to re-fight the Taliban today because British troops weren’t ordered to fight them, since their strategists preferred to manage the region instead of killing the enemy. It’s a distinction that goes back quite a ways, and not just in Afghanistan.

Again, I have nothing but admiration for those extremely brave British and other NATO troops on the front lines. My only complaint is how they are told to fight.
Meanwhile, a little closer to home, there was a story up just a little while ago about a Marine just back from Iraq visited his hometown of Redondo Beach. A gang of thugs asked where he was from, and he said he was just back from Iraq. The gang then beat the crap out of him, hit him with a skateboard, knocked him out, kicked him while he was down, and stole his money.

But as I write this, that article appears to have been taken down from its original URL and I can’t find it on the Daily Breeze’s site. There’s only a little ghost in the Google News cache:


Shenanigans? Why pull the story?


UPDATE: Commenter “Michelle Malkin” links to a couple of blog posts at the Daily Breeze blog that are still up about this incident. I think I’ll check in with Breeze reporter Larry Altman to see why the story went away.

Update coming soon on Marine — Don’t miss this one” ?


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Update (Michelle): ‘Victim’ beaten in Redondo Beach was never a Marine or a soldier

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