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A Conservative Soros?

By See-Dubya  •  May 9, 2008 01:02 PM

Liberals are trying to pre-empt our 527s in this election cycle by targeting their fire on one of the best-funded conservative organization’s financial backers. Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is operating casinos in Vegas and Macao, and his acumen in doing so has made him the twelfth-richest man in the world. He’s also involved in the funding of Freedom’s Watch, which the Left just knows is going to launch dirty-pool campaign ads in the general election season.

So they’re–heh heh hehlaunching a pre-emptive strike:

Faced with the group’s deep pockets, the DCCC has fired off mail and broadcast ads highlighting Mr. Adelson’s gambling interests and ties with China, which they argue is “a country notorious for forced abortions.” Democrats this week filed a third legal challenge to the group with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

“It’s been reported that Freedom’s Watch intends to spend up to $200 million this cycle against congressional Democrats, and that’s money coming from sources that believe very different things than the people in Louisiana, Mississippi and elsewhere across the country,” Miss Crider said.

Why, that’s awful. Adelson’s entrepreneurship has succeeded in taking money out of China. How terrible.

I think Freedom’s Watch is using its money well; check out this response by Ed Patru, their director of communications:

“‘Vote against candidate X because he has common values with philanthropist Y, who has business interests in China where, by the way, abortion is legal.’ What a dynamite argument,” Mr. Patru said, adding that the House’s top Democrat is also susceptible to guilt by association. “Given Nancy Pelosi’s relationship with Syria’s [President Bashar] Assad, we’re not surprised her campaign arm is going after one of Israel’s most prolific benefactors.”…

“There are numerous degrees of separation between the issues in Mississippi and issues in Chinese provinces. We’re looking forward to getting linked to Kevin Bacon next week,” he said, referring to the parlor game of trying to link movie stars to the ubiquitous actor.

Me, I’m looking forward to playing the let’s-link-candidates-to-America-hating-socialists game. We’ve got a pretty good head start.

P.S. I’m sure the Democrats’ interest groups are going to turn back all of that money from convicted criminal George Soros any day now.

UPDATE: Here’s some good background on Freedom’s watch by Michelle–and NBC’s decision to nix the awful, shocking, partisan, personal, muckraking, dumpster-diving campaign ad you see here:

Sheldon Adelson: converting Chicom cash into pro-U.S. ads like that. How could the Republic survive such bitter, negative mudslinging?

Freedom’s Watch is also helping with the Berkeley recruitment-office counter-protests. Monsters!

{Post by See-Dubya, cover photo horked from the Taipei Times}

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