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John Bolton lights into Obama

By See-Dubya  •  June 5, 2008 12:00 PM

He seems to have a few disagreements (link added) with Obama’s foreign policy:

What is implicit in Obama’s reference to “tiny” threats is that they are sufficiently insignificant that negotiations alone can resolve them. Indeed, he has gone even further, arguing that the lack of negotiations with Iran caused the threats: “And the fact that we have not talked to them means that they have been developing nuclear weapons, funding Hamas, funding Hezbollah.”

This is perhaps the most breathtakingly naive statement of all, implying as it does that it is actually U.S. policy that motivates Iran rather than Iran’s own perceived ambitions and interests. That would be news to the mullahs in Tehran, not to mention the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah.

It is an article of faith for Obama, and many others on the left in the U.S. and abroad, that it is the United States that is mostly responsible for the world’s ills.

That’s not even the best part. Bolton pins a great big MONDALE sign on him.

One more line I’m going to pull out, and chisel in stone somewhere visible in DC:

An “asymmetric” threat to the U.S. often is an existential threat to its friends, which was something we never forgot during the Cold War.

Oh, I wouldn’t say never, Stache, unless by “we” you mean “the Reagan administration”:

L to R: Senator Kerry, Senator Harkin, Mrs. Harkin, Communist Anti-American Dictator Danny Ortega’s Moustache, Communist Anti-American Dictator Danny Ortega.

The most visible exception to Bolton’s Law right now is Colombia, which has been in a struggle for its existence against Communist terrorists since 1968, and which San Fran Nan and her Palominocrats are determined to sell down the river. I’ve written about that several times (check baby check two three four) but here’s the Diplomad’s more thorough and better informed account. He just got back from there.

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