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JTP in Sderot: “Do you think this is normal, the way you cover this conflict…?”

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 11, 2009 09:47 PM

JTP on the scene. Photo released by Israeli GPO.

Joe the Plumber arrived in Sderot, Israel, and earlier in the day he spoke to the foreign press.

Boy, did he ever speak to them.

Via the Jerusalem Post, which also notes a Kassam rocket attack occurred Sunday afternoon during the visit:

Samuel Wurzelbacher of Ohio, aka Joe the Plumber, arrived in Sderot at noon Sunday to show local and foreign reporters how to do it right.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” he told foreign reporters.

“You should be patriotic, protect your family and children, not report like you have been doing for the past two weeks since this war has started,” he said.

Wurzelbacher, the man who stole the limelight from Republican presidential candidate John McCain during the American election campaign, has found a new job – as a correspondent for the Internet Web sites PJTV and Pajamas Media.

Armed with a camera and a temporary Government Press Office card, he got a taste of reality in Sderot, visiting a house hit by a Kassam rocket two weeks ago and experiencing a “Code Red” alert first-hand. He also observed and reported from the house where a Kassam landed on Sunday afternoon.

…”Do you think this is normal, the way you cover this conflict and give away information to your enemy?” he asked the journalists that gathered around him.

“It makes me sick to see the way you behave – you guys need to be protective of your homes, your children, your family.”

“I am angry,” he said, “and this is why I came here.”

PJTV’s Gaza Update is here. Stay tuned.

Wire photos of JTP in Sderot here.

Reuters adds this detail:

“Israel is being attacked and they’re defending themselves,” Wurzelbacher told reporters. His remarks were interrupted by an alert for an incoming rocket which sent him dashing to a concrete shelter. No one was hurt.

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