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Political nepotism: Spot the missing words

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 31, 2009 10:35 PM

The NYTimes has a round-up of blog posts decrying Jenna Bush’s new job at the Today Show and assailing nepotism run amok in the world of political families.

Can you spot the missing words?

One starts with “K” and ends with “Y.”

And rhymes with “TENNEDY.”

Also missing: A word that starts with “B” and ends with “N.”

And rhymes with “JIDEN.”

See chapter 3 of Culture of Corruption for more.


Longtime readers will remember that I have roasted GOP nepotism and cronyism repeatedly when unqualified candidates have benefited from family ties.

It’s a virus that knows no political boundaries.

God save us from Beltway bipartisanship.


Commenter Freddy: “Name recognition can get you the job, but you still need to produce to keep it. Unless, of course, you report for the NYT!”

Power Line’s John Hinderaker: “If Ms. Hager had been hired to perform neurosurgery, this hand-wringing about ‘meritocracy’ might have some force. But doing a once-a-month feature on a soft-news TV show? Good Lord, get a grip!”


Not all nepotism is equal in the Age of Obama.

No big stink over this on the nutroots side of the aisle. Rhymes with “DAXELROD:”

Axelrod’s Son Hired by Huffington Post
By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, July 28, 2009; 7:04 PM

David Axelrod’s son is following his father’s career path — that is, the one he had before becoming a political strategist.

Ethan Axelrod is joining the Huffington Post, the liberal Web site that has been largely supportive of President Obama. His dad, now a White House senior adviser, was a Chicago Tribune reporter until he quit in 1984 to help run a Senate campaign (and still has a soft spot for newspapers, though his old one is in bankruptcy).

“I’ve been interested in journalism for a while,” the 22-year-old Axelrod said Tuesday. “I heard through my father that they were expanding, so I applied for it.”

The younger Axelrod started yesterday as editor of the Huffington Post’s new local edition in Denver, the third of a dozen planned sites that have already launched in New York and Chicago and will next target Los Angeles. He applied for the job, was interviewed by Arianna Huffington along with other candidates, and was tapped after submitting a mockup of the Denver home page. The site goes live in September.

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