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Cape Wind Project is a ‘Go’: It’s Mourning in ‘Green’ East-Coast Limo-Lib Eco-Hypocrite America

By Doug Powers  •  April 28, 2010 02:10 PM

A proposed wind-farm that liberal faux-environmentalist elites on the east coast have fought for the better part of a decade — because it would look so much better in your backyard instead of theirs — got the go-ahead today from the Obama administration.

Patrick Kennedy’s going to need a few more vodka shots after delivering another substance abuse prevention speech when he reads this:

The Obama administration gave the go-ahead today to America’s first offshore windfarm in the Nantucket Sound, overcoming nearly a decade of resistance from the Kennedy clan and other famous denizens of the favourite holiday destination of America’s liberal elite.
The Cape Wind project will comprise 130 turbines that are expected to generate 75% of the electricity for Cape Cod and nearby islands like Martha’s Vineyard. It could trigger a major expansion in America’s use of wind power, which currently generates only 2% of supply.
The Cape Wind project had also encountered strong local opposition, led by the late Ted Kennedy, who used to sail in the Nantucket Sound. The solid bloc of opposition from the Kennedys – even from the environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr – made Cape Wind a tricky project for Democrats. Even John Kerry, the Massachusetts senator, leading the push for climate and energy legislation in the Senate, hesitated to come out for the project.

The Kennedy family’s concern for the pristine nature of the Massachusetts-area waters is irony at its finest. Over the years, assorted Kennedy modes of transportation have put so much oil and debris in the Sound that would have – if their last name wasn’t “Kennedy” – earned the family a handsome fine from the Environmental Protection Agency and an honorary Exxon Valdez crew jacket.

The Kennedys, the Kerrys and all the other “green” rich liberal hypocrites had a chance to set an example by “taking one for the team” on the “clean energy” idea they shove down everybody else’s throat. Instead they fought it, proving themselves the hypocrites we all knew they were — and now they get to look at the fruits of their labor anyway. I love the smell of liberal “fail” in the morning — or afternoon as it were.

The long and short of it is that the “environmentalist” left sure doesn’t act as if they believe their rhetoric about the earth warming quickly to the point of the extinction of mankind unless we do something about clean energy now. If we’re all really going to die in ten years if nothing is done, would Robert Kennedy, Jr. be arguing about the view from his living room? (don’t answer that)

As far as the turbines go, I think they’ll spruce up the Kennedy compound a bit — here’s an artist’s rendition of how it’ll look, minus the drunk nephews hopping around outside with their pants around their ankles chasing the catering waitresses (known to the locals as the “Hyannisport potato sack races”):


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