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Physician Says Chubby Tea Partiers Most in Need of Obamacare

By Doug Powers  •  April 30, 2010 01:30 PM

During the Quincy, Illinois Tea Party that was being held outside a venue in which President Obama was speaking, Bob McCarty spoke to a few people waiting in line for the Obama speech while a local SWAT team held the rowdy and dangerous Tea Party protesters at bay.

One man, a radiation oncologist just the other side of portly himself, pointed back to the Tea Party protesters and said that “all the chubby guys back there” are the ones who need the health care:

It’s a medical fact that Tea Partiers aren’t as svelte as the “Health Care for America Now” folks:


And of course the leader of the quest for health care perfection:


If obesity is costing the health care industry billions of dollars a year and killing countless Americans, that surely won’t disappear just because taxpayers are picking up the check. In other words, socialism, to my knowledge, is not a known cure for diabetes. If anything it’s quite the opposite, as people who have to go get something get far more exercise than people who have everything brought to them. A doctor who advocates the latter is in violation of his Hippocratic Oath if you ask me.

By the way, Dr. Young W. Yu claims he sees patients who have no insurance and he treats them for free. If you’re in need of a radiation oncologist and have no insurance, I suggest you get in touch with him, because your Obamacare won’t kick in for another four years — if ever.

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