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Palin: ‘They’re Not Going to Shut Me Up’

By Doug Powers  •  January 17, 2011 11:32 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Contrary to some opinions, I’m willing to bet Sarah Palin eventually comes out of this politically stronger than ever (even the New York Times is backpedaling like Lance Armstrong careening down Filbert Street with broken brake cables).

Below is Sean Hannity’s interview with Palin Monday night. If she does in fact enter the presidential fray, her advantage will be that she’s been swinging a heavily weighted bat in the on-deck circle for quite some time now (to say the least), and as a result the actual trip to the plate will be easier for her than it will be on the others in the running.

In other words, she’s got balls in places her would-be opponents don’t even know they have places:

(h/t HAP and Real Clear Politics)

**Written by Doug Powers

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