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The Spending Cut That Got Away: $20 Million for Sesame Street… in Pakistan?

By Doug Powers  •  April 9, 2011 04:49 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Those of you who were worried that Congress and the president got way too overzealous with their spending cuts yesterday can rest easy. As you’re about to discover, absolutely essential spending remains intact and fully funded.

Daily Caller:

As American politicians debate the possible de-funding of American public broadcasting, the U.S. government is spending big bucks to bolster entertainment in foreign countries.

USAID has dedicated $20 million to remake “Sesame Street” for Pakistani children. The four-year series will feature 78 episodes in Urdu and 56 in other local languages. The show, called “SimSim Humara,” will be set in a bustling village.

The Guardian reports that the American taxpayer supported Pakistan version of Sesame Street will carry an implicit message of tolerance but will feature absolutely no pro-American propaganda. So it’ll be pretty much like the US version of Sesame Street.

**Written by Doug Powers

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