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‘Patriotic Millionaires’ Still Begging Government to Take Their Money

By Doug Powers  •  June 8, 2011 04:15 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

In 2008, Joe Biden said that paying higher taxes is an act of patriotism, and thanks to the “Patriotic Millionaires” that sentiment is still going strong. The PM group was formed a while back, and they continue to try like the dickens to convince the government to take more of their money so they can participate in what made America great: High taxes paid to irresponsible spenders.

I don’t begrudge anybody his or her success, but there’s no better way to suggest that your success might have been due to sheer luck more than brains if you’re unable to understand that the problem is that the government spends way too much, not that people don’t pay enough in taxes.

Some members of the group have made a new video. It’s not very well produced, but they didn’t want to spend lots of money on a quality production house in order to save up for those high taxes they always wanted (h/t Real Clear Politics via Hot Air):

The video could also be entitled, “Fools and their money beg to be parted.” In spite of all that rhetoric, why am I guessing that their tax forms contain very few unused loopholes?

To the repentant wealthy, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. You can give the government more money by using Pay.gov. Click here and clear your conscience — it’s like going to confession for rich people with feelings of guilt.

Some of the “Patriotic Millionaires” have that base covered though:

A reporter had asked the millionaires why, if they want the government to take more of their money, don’t they just hand it over voluntarily?

“We have a system of compulsory taxation and everybody gets treated the same under the law,” Mehiel said. “We disagree with what the law is right now. We think its outcomes are unfair.”

Paul Egerman, founder of a medical transcription company called eScription, also scoffed at the suggestion millionaires who advocate for higher taxes should take it upon themselves to send money to the government.

“Running any government is a shared responsibility of its citizens,” Egerman said. “Government is not a charity, and you can’t imagine a situation where the Department of Defense runs a bake sale to build an aircraft carrier.”

That guy wants to pay higher taxes so the government can build an aircraft carrier? And just when I thought we’d finally found a way to make the hard left like millionaires.

Update: Kevin McCullough responds to the PMs.

**Written by Doug Powers

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