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Jimmy Carter’s grandson gets job offers after circulating Romney video

By Doug Powers  •  September 19, 2012 03:36 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

As you’re well aware, a video of Mitt Romney is making that rounds that is somehow supposed to harm Romney’s election chances even though so far the content of the video only seems to offend people who were going to vote for Obama anyway. That aside, the video itself was apparently discovered by Jimmy Carter’s grandson during an extensive combing of YouTube.

Because “YouTube searcher” is a specialized skill in great demand — right up there with software engineer and pharmacist — this exposure has gotten the unemployed Carter a few job offers:

The former president, Lederman reported, sent his grandson an email saying in part, “This is extraordinary. Congratulations! Papa.”

“I don’t think he’s ever emailed me the word ‘extraordinary’ before,” [certainly never in reference to how the country felt about his presidency – DP] Carter, whose Twitter bio says he’s “Currently looking for work,” told Uygur. Lederman says Carter received a “string of job offers Tuesday, from the Ohio Democratic Party to online news sites like The Huffington Post and ThinkProgress.”

If Carter ends up accepting a position somewhere, will Obama or Romney be the one credited with creating a job?

It’s kind of ironic that this lauded exposure of Romney’s remarks outlining to what degree job killing government policies have restrained the economy and trapped people in a dependency cycle was launched by a 35 year old man who up to now couldn’t find a job (assuming he was looking for one), but hey, they’ll take the help where they can get it. I’m not quite sure how Romney saying people who pay no federal income tax are more likely to vote for Obama has been discredited by a guy paying no federal income tax who is going to vote for Obama, but it makes sense to somebody:

By the way, Mother Jones initially insisted they released the Romney recording in its entirety, but as it turns out there one or two minutes missing.

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**Written by Doug Powers

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