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The life and legacy of slain Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie — and how YOU can show your support

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 4, 2012 01:41 PM

As I predicted, the subject of escalating border violence was ignored during last night’s presidential debate. And the debate questions that should have been asked in relation to the death of Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie this week, weren’t. I repeat:

–Border security/homeland security. On Tuesday morning, one Border Patrol agent was gunned down and another wounded at our southern border in Naco, Ariz. The agents were assigned to the station recently named after Brian Terry, the heroic Border Patrol agent shot and killed nearly two years ago by drug cartel thugs wielding weapons tied to the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

After the Obama administration initially denied that U.S. Border Patrol agents were forced to fire on criminal attackers with non-lethal ammo, court records obtained by the Arizona Daily Star showed that Terry and our front-line protectors were indeed under deadly standing orders to use beanbag rounds before using live ammunition.
In December, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General reported that Border Patrol agent “training, deployed weapons, and rules of engagement have not kept pace with the increased violence on the border.” Over the past five years, the IG found, “(v)iolence has significantly increased against Border Patrol agents. Since 2007, assaults on agents have risen more than 35 percent, including 13 deaths.”

Is the beanbag order still in place today?

Why has the Terry family been forced to file a federal lawsuit to obtain justice?

If the buck stops at the top, why does Attorney General Eric Holder still have a job after years of official DOJ obstruction and falsehoods during the Fast and Furious

And as commander in chief, what exactly are you doing to ensure that the men and women currently assigned to protect our borders are adequately armed and fully supported in their mission to defend American sovereignty and homeland security?

Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie’s family is trying to make sure he didn’t die in vain. They held a press conference this morning in Arizona to tell his story. Please spread the word about his life and legacy:

The family of fallen Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie is held a press conference today at 10 a.m. in Sierra Vista. This was the first time the family spoke publicly since his death.

Ivie was shot and killed early Tuesday morning near Bisbee.

Nicholas Ivie was the youngest in a family of four boys and one girl. Nick’s brothers say he always wanted to be in law enforcement and a mission trip to Mexico as a teen added to his love of the area.

They say the community support has been overwhelming “in a good way”. About 30 immediate family members flew out to support Nicholas’ wife, Christy, and his two young girls, ages 4 and 20 months.

His brothers, Chris and Rick, say he was always playing outside with his children and that it is difficult “when they ask for their Dad.”

Nicholas’ brother, Joel, has been in the border patrol since 2003. He did not speak at the conference due to the ongoing investigation.

More on Ivie’s life of service from the Los Angeles Times:

Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie was the sort of man on whom a rancher could depend, said John Ladd, the fourth generation of his family on a 16,000-acre cattle ranch abutting the U.S.-Mexico border.

A few weeks ago, Ivie punched his personal phone number into Ladd’s cellphone for the rancher’s keeping, he said.

“That was his way of telling me … you call me no matter what you need,” Ladd said. “He was just a really good guy.”

Such are the stories trickling out from friends and family of Ivie, a veteran of nearly five years with the Border Patrol, who was fatally shot earlier this week between Bisbee and the border town of Naco in southeastern Arizona.

Ivie, serving on horse-patrol duty, and two other agents were responding to reports of a tripped ground sensor when they were attacked early Tuesday morning. One of the other agents was also shot and is now recovering at home after being released from the hospital, Customs and Border Protection reported. The third agent was not injured. Authorities did not provide their identities.

The killing sparked a manhunt along the barren desert terrain known for human and drug smuggling near the Mule Mountains.

The FBI and Cochise County sheriff’s department are investigating the case.


From the Arizona Star, more on Ivie’s faith and family life. AND HOW YOU CAN HELP:

Ivie was a loving husband and father who cherished spending time with his daughters, ages 3 and 1, said Kevin Goates, president of the Sierra Vista stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Originally from Provo, Utah, Ivie served his Mormon mission in Mexico City and became a border agent assigned to the Naco station in January 2008.

He was a dedicated member of the Mormon church, serving as second counselor to the bishop of his local congregation. In that role, he conducted meetings and spoke to the congregation on Sundays.

Ivie loved taking the girls to the park and riding bikes with them, Goates said. “His family life was the center of everything that he did,” Goates said.

On Monday evening, Ivie spoke with Dr. Jarrett Hamilton about the tithe Hamilton’s young son had offered at the previous day’s service. Ivie wanted to be sure the boy got proper credit for it, Hamilton said. And before starting his shift on Monday night, Ivie went to his wife’s soccer practice, Goates said. While the mothers were practicing, Ivie rounded up all the kids and played with them.

“We believe that families are eternal,” Goates said. “So, they have the hope of being able to be with Nick again. That gives them tremendous hope and comfort.”

You can help

A foundation has been established to help the Ivie family pay for its expenses. People can make donations to the Nicholas Ivie Memorial Fund at any branch of National Bank of Arizona.

Please: Show your support and gratitude for this hero and his family.

Never forget those who protect and serve on America’s front lines at the border.



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