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Resolved: Hillary Clinton should be more ‘equitable’ to ‘undocumented immigrants’

By Doug Powers  •  November 23, 2014 08:38 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

During President Obama’s announcement about his executive amnesty, he said it would be to the benefit of bed makers and fruit pickers. Hillary Clinton expanded that list Friday night:

At a gala for the New York Historical Society, which honored Clinton with its “History Maker” award, the former secretary of state called Obama’s order “historic.” The move will spare over 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. If Republicans have a problem with it, she said, they should pass their own law, echoing a statement she released Thursday night.

“We should all remember … that this is about peoples’ lives. This is about, I would venture to guess, the people who served us tonight, who prepared our food tonight,” and those who perform construction jobs, she said to applause. “These are the lives of people who are, in many instances, longtime residents and workers who have not only raised children, but made contributions.”

Too bad a busboy didn’t shout “I was born in Brooklyn!”

Clinton also called for “a more equitable distribution of economic opportunity for those struggling.”

Proposed solution: Half of Hillary’s normal six-figure appearance fees should be divided amongst all workers at each of her speaking venues. Now let’s wait for a response:

**Written by Doug Powers

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