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Maybe celebs insisting ‘we can end gun violence’ will convince would-be mass murderers to reconsider

By Doug Powers  •  December 10, 2015 07:58 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

These people say “enough!”


Can Hollywood contribute to putting a stop to maniacs bent on mass murd… er, I mean, “gun violence”? The Michael Bloomberg-backed group Everytown, which seems to believe Skynet has made guns self-aware and given them the ability to kill indiscriminately on their own, has enlisted celebrities to help stem the tide of rogue firearms:

Jennifer Aniston, Julianne Moore, Michael J. Fox, Spike Lee, Amy Schumer, Kevin Bacon and Sofia Vergara are among the stars joining President Barack Obama, gun violence survivors and other Americans in new video urging for an end to gun violence.

The clip, simply called “We Can End Gun Violence,” comes nearly a week after the San Bernardino, California, mass shooting that killed 14 people and injured nearly two dozen others. It also arrives just days before the three-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook school attack.

It’s part of a campaign from Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun violence prevention organization.

“We can end gun violence.” Sounds good. How? Don’t ask or be labeled part of the problem.

The term “gun violence” is so stupid. Does anybody say “knife violence,” “suicide vest violence” or “baseball bat violence”? Maybe the above celebs can get to work on that video next.

And then there’s “gun safety movement,” implying that people who murder simply didn’t know how to handle the weapon. Speaking of that, the last people anybody should take “gun safety” tips from are Bloomberg and his group’s supporter, Joe “fire the shotgun through the door” Biden.

Well, “end gun violence” or “gun safety” sounds better than what they’re really getting at, which is “the only people whose lives are worth protecting with guns are liberal elite and select hypocritical benefactors of gun-grabbing organizations.”

Bloomberg’s new push to stop “gun violence” will work about as well as his multiple mansions and private aircraft are putting a stop to “climate change.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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