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A note about comments that fits neatly into a short, fairly unentertaining but semi-informative post

By Doug Powers  •  July 24, 2016 10:25 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Hey all,

Because complaints about A) Spammers, and B) Other commenters crossing the line have been on the rise, I’d like to explain something how we’d like to handle it — and I’ve run it by Michelle.

The vast majority of the comments add value to the discussion, even the ones that might take issue with something that’s been written. But lately things have sometimes gotten too heated and made the site comments, on occasion, a bit vicious.

Due to Michelle’s work and travels, and the fact that this isn’t my full time job (even though it’s one of the more enjoyable things I do), time to moderate comments is at a minimum. So, if you see a new spammer pop up or a comment that crosses the line, if you could email the comment link to me at writedoug@live.com with the subject “MM comment” or something similar, I’ll take a look. I realize many of these have been slipping through the cracks, so community policing might help (on top of just reporting a comment to Disqus). I’ve been informed previously about spammers and have removed them, but sometimes they seem to find ways back in.

Hopefully this’ll help bring the comments back under control, especially when it comes to the spammers. As for others, disagreement is dandy, but please keep it respectful.


**Written by Doug Powers

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