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Grabby Joe Biden says Trump’s words on leaked recording are ‘sexual assault’ (open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  October 9, 2016 06:05 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Sunday open thread time! Some starter topics…

Well, you’ve no doubt heard about the Trump recording from 2005, and so has Joe Biden:


I’m not defending Trump, but an “abuse of power” lecture from somebody who voted to excuse Bill Clinton and is currently campaigning for his wife can be tossed right into the trash next to Hillary’s smashed Blackberrys.

And besides…


As usual, it’s excusable when Democrats do it.

(Note: I originally wrote above that the Trump recording was from 1995, and it was of course from 2005 — thanks to those who pointed out the mistake)


After the recording leaked and many Republicans rescinded their endorsements and/or called on him to drop out, Trump said he’s not going anywhere:

Donald Trump on Saturday vowed to “never” drop out of the presidential race as a growing chorus of Republicans urged him to do exactly that after sexually aggressive remarks he made in 2005 surfaced a day earlier.

The Republican nominee, eager to dispel notions of waning support, emerged from the front entrance of Trump Tower in Manhattan late Saturday afternoon to greet a throng of cheering fans after spending the day huddled with campaign advisers.

For just over a minute, he shook several hands, pumped his fist in the air and waved to the supporters and passersby huddled on a rainy Fifth Avenue before heading back inside.


Trump’s running-mate (as of now anyway) released this statement:


This election season can be called lots of things, but “boring” isn’t one of them.


Campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden gave a glowing endorsement of the Dem nominee: You probably don’t like her, but vote for her anyway:

I’m sold!


Juanita Broaddrick had something to say about Hillary Clinton slamming Trump for his comments on the ’95 recording:


Did I mention that this election season is a lot of things, but “boring” isn’t one of them? Thought so.


Well, it was the Friday evening headed into a holiday weekend, and you know what that means:

The Obama administration is further easing sanctions on Iran, making it easier for foreign firms to do business with the country following last year’s nuclear deal.

Shortly before 6 p.m. Friday at the start of the Columbus Day holiday weekend in the United States, the Treasury Department published new guidance for businesses that said some previously prohibited dollar transactions with Iran by offshore banking institutions are allowed as long as they do not enter the U.S. financial system.


Hillary Clinton has joined Bernie Sanders’ call for “debt free” college. And if anybody can pull off “debt free,” it’s some of the same people who have brought the country this:



Oh, also it seems there’s another presidential debate tonight. What could possibly be discussed?

Have a good Sunday all!

**Written by Doug Powers

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