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Beware Soros-Funded Hijacking of US Census

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 23, 2019 11:06 PM

Beware Soros-Funded Hijacking of US Census by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2019 “Are you a U.S. citizen?” Only in self-defeating, sovereignty-eroding America is the idea of asking whether people living in America are American citizens for the American census a matter of controversy. On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on whether the […]

Your Census dollars at work: $100,000 Vegas junket to Treasure Island, baby

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 21, 2010 10:43 AM

CBS4-Denver investigative reporter Brian Maass has the scoop: As door-to-door census takers recently finished their data collection, a CBS4 investigation has learned the U.S. Census Bureau sent 140 administrators from Colorado and nine other Rocky Mountain and southwestern states to Las Vegas for several days to discuss “lessons learned” from the 2010 census that could […]

Unemployment at 9.5%; another Obama econ adviser bails; Mrs. Obama hits the beach

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 6, 2010 08:54 AM

The latest jobless numbers are out. Unemployment remains stuck at 9.5 percent — with employers shedding 131,000 jobs in July. Private sector employers added 71,000 (less than the private sector payroll additions in June); 143,000 Census workers were let go. The WSJ reports: The jobless rate, which is calculated using a separate household survey, held […]

A Friendly Note to the Census Bureau

By Doug Powers  •  May 14, 2010 03:29 PM

Dear U.S. Census Bureau, In the weeks before my family received the Census form, we got a couple of different letters from you trumpeting the ultimate arrival of the form, which probably could have been tucked into the first letter to save the taxpayers some postage, but I digress. This little “coming soon” teaser was […]


By Michelle Malkin  •  May 7, 2010 10:49 AM

That’s the jobless rate reported today. Morning Bell calls it “a recovery only Washington could love.” Ed Morrissey: The news was mostly good in most sectors. Manufacturing was up 44K, mining added 7,000 jobs, construction continued its rebound with a +14K, and leisure and hospitality added 45,000 jobs. That’s a good showing and an indication […]

Your Census boondoggle story of the week

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 5, 2010 05:14 PM

Add this one to the mountainous, taxpayer-subsidized pile — from my home state of Colorado, via 9News: The U.S. Census Bureau spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on promotional items used to convince more people to mail back their census forms, but a 9Wants to Know investigation found thousands of the items were dropped off, […]

Left-wing lawyers: Minority criminals have a right to Census boondoggle jobs, too!

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 13, 2010 01:47 PM

“A stand for racial and economic justice.”

More anti-anti-Census nonsense: Bill Press calls for Erick Erickson’s arrest

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 8, 2010 11:20 AM

Lib-talker Bill Press is not only a liar. He’s a silly harridan. And he proves the point I’ve been making since last year about the Left’s criminalization of dissent over the census. First, Press grossly distorts what Erick Erickson of RedState said about the census. Via Human Events: At Tuesday’s White House press briefing, Bill […]

Obama’s politicized, profligate U.S. census

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 7, 2010 09:48 AM

My syndicated column today responds to Karl Rove’s latest Census PSA and spreads the word about what census workers have been e-mailing me about their politicized, profligate jobs. On a related note: D.C. Leader Calls on Illegal Immigrants to Fill Out Census for Taxpayer-Funded Resources. Stoking the “I want mine” culture of entitlement on your […]

Today’s unemployment figures — and more Census workers’ true confessions

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 2, 2010 10:07 AM

I’m continuing with our ongoing series of insider e-mails from Census workers. (Part One is here, Part Two is here). It’s worth keeping these accounts in mind as you read news of the unemployment figures today: Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 162,000 in March, and the unemployment rate held at 9.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau […]